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CRSyncFiles is an open source project that is designed from the ground up to act and function similar to Microsoft’s Sync Framework closed source program - SyncToy. Our goal with this project is to maintain and enhance CRSyncFiles eclipse licensed source code to be compatible and tested with all released versions of the Microsoft Sync Framework libraries.

In addition, added functionality is provided by the project’s owner, ConnectionRoad, which is available for no additional charge from the ConnectionRoad download page :

An example of a free add-on to CRSyncFiles is the integrated Sync Pair Scheduler. This add-on is part of the prebuilt ClickOnce install, which is available on the above download page.

Azure Cloud Integration

Azure Cloud Integration is available for a monthly subscription fee from ConnectionRoad. It is now possible to create a File Synchronization Pair where the RIGHT side is an Azure container. This means, that instead of syncing to your local Hard Drive, a Networked computer, an External Hard Drive or a USB Flash Stick, you can now sync to the Azure Cloud. By syncing to the Azure Cloud, your data is securely and reliably available from any other computer where CRSyncFiles is installed.

Forum Discussions

All forum discussions for this CodePlex project can be found at Please create an account on this forum and let us know what you think. You can also make suggestions, discuss synchronization and report problems.


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